AwkwardTurtleBSC - the exploding memecoin $TURTLE

Twitter is still the go to place when you want to find new memecoins that are powerful and can grow.
Lately the Meme Universe with the coins $CPEPE and $TURTLE has garnered a lot of attention in the Twitter Space. First of all these coins have good metrics on LunarCrush. Secondly they give out reflections to holders. $CPEPE prints $KIBA to its holders and $TURTLE prints Marshall Inu or $MRI.
Whenever you invest in a token you want a strong core of diamondhands who believe in the project as well as some momentum to push things forward. AwkwardTurtleBSC does seem to fill out these criteria.
So what is AwkwardTurtleBSC, why do you need it and how do you make money from it?
These are common sense questions and sure they make sense to ask. However, if you are new to memecoins and crypto it is not always as black and white and there are no instant gratification.
The basic principles are easy enough: You get more $MRI (Marshall Inu) just from holding $TURTLE and that means that you get a passive income from $Turtle, every weak, every month. You can of course sell the $MRI whenever you want, but preferrably you would like to hold the $MRI you earn and sell them at a later day, possibly the bullrun of 2025.
AwkwardTurtle in itself is a memecoin and rides the wave of blockchain technologies, friendly communities and their network effects. As we know the first big memeocin was Dogecoin. After Dogecoin came several smaller memeocins – Dogelonmars that is a heavily traded coin, Monacoin that is pouplar in Japan and some Asian countries as well as ducktokens like RichQuack, PoorQuack and Scroogecoin. Memecoins are heavily influenced by market sentiment and carry high risk. However a strong community like Catpepe and Friends could make some waves into the cryptospace. Especially if they have NFT:s that catch on. I am a believer in AwkwardTurtleBSC and I will soon explain a few more details on why. But let's return to the previous common sense question – why do you need AwkwardTurtle and what is it?
Okay back to where we started. $TURTLE is a part of the Meme Universe - the second coin in Catpepe and Friends memecoin universe.
But why do you need AwkwardTurtle and what is it?
Funny question isn't it? The first answer to the why question is that you actually DO NOT NEED any memecoins in the way you need food, air and Catpepe water. However you can use memecoins instead of fiat currency. $TURTLE is money just like fiat currency and we all need money. However, the money you put into $TURTLE is an investment for some years to come. It is an investment that comes with less risk than many other investments thanks to the reflections built into the $TURTLE contract. The first version of $TURTLE paid out reflections in CheemsInu. This was not very popular. However I bought into $TURTLE based on my trust in the developer and sure enough as the developer realised $CINU was not so popular he changed it into another kind of reflection. Blockchain technologies can be UPDATED to fit the market trends and situations making them more adapatable and sustainable than the fiat currencies controlled by governments. In a sense $TURTLE then is private money.
So to answer the question – you need money – and $TURTLE is a form of private money that are likely to be valued higher in the future in contrarcy to other types of money like the dollar. $TURTLE is based on the BNBChain – or the Binance SmartChain. This means that the risks you take on when you invest in $TURTLE are related to the risks of BNB and the Binance Exchange. Essentially you could say you leverage your investment on BNB or to put it better: You invest in a community and the talent of the developers in this case Degenonomics and his Australia based team.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself whether or not the AwkwardTurtleBSC is the right form of blockchain based money for you. Some of the questions necessarily has to relate to your own personality, worldview and convictions.

However, just as there are economies outside the United States that might prove very sustainable and profitable, there are alternatives to the BlueChip Tech giants and alternatives to Bitcoin, Solana and BNB.
If you believe in Bitcoin you are probably pretty confident about El BNB Salvador, Lugano and a few other parts of the world where Bitcoin and crypto adoption frontruns the rest of the world. You might not trust the politicians as much, but instead go for crypto projects that makes sense for you from a crypto perspective. These could be Solana, Cronos, Kadena – or any of the memecoins in Catpepe and Friends.
There are always risks in this environment. Memecoins are not risk off assets. However, if LunarCrush is a good metric of what coins to buy more from then $TURTLE and $CPEPE the two first in the Memecoin Universe series are the two to start with.
To make good investments in blockchain based memecoins you really have to find trust in the developer, and probably engage in the community based social media accounts – preferrably Telegram, Twitter and Medium.

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